RMID creates innovative design for commercial and residential spaces. Cheryl and her team provide start to finish concierge interior design service and project management. Assessment of requirements begin to shape the foundation. Interior architecture and design begins with a site plan or a built drawing. Using function for space and architectural elements for concept, space plans are created and interiors completed. RMID focuses on the atmospheric impact of quality lighting and provides lighting plans that focus on ambient, task and decorative lighting, creating environments best suited for each use of space.

The RMID selection of unique products are often resourced using custom millworkers, metallurgists and craftsmanship. The team’s foremost focus is to ensure products complement functionality and architectural features.


RMID uses a strict selection process. Carefully vetted professionals, sub-contractors and suppliers are involved in the design. The team works with award-winning architects, engineers and landscape architecture to ensure each client’s bespoke aspiration of style are conveyed. Full disclosure and all-inclusive. As such, every project involves in depth material research.


The RMID team attends trade shows throughout the U.S. and Europe to ensure every member is well versed on the latest in sustainable thinking and smart design.

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